Our Internet Marketing Services

Our full-service internet marketing system has an exponential effect on lead generation and conversions to sales, as each channel within the system feeds activity for the others. Furthermore, each channel in our suite of internet marketing services strategically addresses a problem and produces a superior solution, and thus collectively our channels generate far greater results.

Search Engine Optimizaton

The algorithms Google, Yahoo and Bing use to rank web positioning are intricate, confusing, complicated and confidential. The days of “tricking” search engines to increase page ranking are long gone. Genuine content with targeted keywords and external inbound (non-reciprocal) links to the client website are required to increase rank.

This requires proactive and repetitive attention in addition to quality development of marketing websites. Constant regular search engine optimization not only keeps you on top, but also specifically targets your desired market.

You will be assigned a dedicated Google, Yahoo and Bing certified professional to constantly keep close watch over your account and watch it grow and steadily increase your web presence and page ranking on the GYB network of search engines.


Marketing Websites

Based on the keyword groups identified, we design websites and integrate the keywords into the domain, titles, and content, ensuring a very search-engine-friendly design. Optimized websites built with a mobile first philosophy. Beautiful websites that are quick to load on all devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops & more. Whether upgrading an existing site or developing from the ground up, all of our sites are built with SEO in mind. Optimization, Analytics, PPC, Social Media, Video & more available. You can choose from several template-based websites if you’re on a tight budget, or work with our team to create a fully customized, high-end web design for your business.


Paid Search Advertising

Paid search has three components: chosen keywords, text advertisement, and landing page. Keywords find the right prospect, the ads makes them click, and our landing pages get them to buy. Our software lets us download your competitor’s entire campaign, including every keyword, bid, ad, and landing page in minutes. With it, we are able to completely replicate, improve upon, and outperform all your competitors. Our software also pulls real-time data from Google on what advertisers are paying for each keyword, the competitiveness of each keyword, and the average number of searches. With our software and strategies, we are able to get any client from the lower 90% of the market, to the top 10%.


Corporate Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing has authentic and valued content, married with professional delivery and direct contact from your sales staff. We are able to provide you with email tracking software that utilizes data from your contact management software so that you can provide both relevant and timely emails to both your returning customers and sales leads, see who opens your email and who subsequently converts into a sale. With our system, we can effectively test and improve upon past email campaigns, ensuring better and better results.


Content Creation

Often overlooked in online marketing, effective marketing content has to support the keyword groups on which we want you to rank highly. We don’t use software to create compelling content. We write with a methodical process which edits, revises, and reinvigorates your existing marketing pieces to create quality content for your website, email marketing campaigns, link strategy, blog, press releases, articles, social media pages, and so on. The system is based on sound psychological principles as to how people read information online.


Link Strategy & Social Media Networking

Search engines assign additional value to websites with inbound, non-reciprocal links. Google, in particular, assigns greater value to links from: press releases, blog posts, as well as social media and networking websites. References and links directed to your website increase your keyword search ranking. Link strategy requires consistent attention with monitoring of blogs to select posts ideal for a response, press releases that are relevant and coordinated, as well as monitoring and maintenance of social networking locations. While this is a crucial component of our multi-channel system, it is also a set of time-intensive activities that require repetitive attention and sensitivity to your message.