When you work with GYB Marketing Inc, you invest in a customized program that’s specifically designed to attract customers to your business. You will be assigned a dedicated Google, Yahoo and Bing certified professional to constantly keep close watch over your account to watch it grow and steadilly increase your web presence and page ranking on the GYB network of search engines.

We use the most accurate, state-of-the-art software to target your market. With our GYB Keyword Ranking Software, we can deliver a competitive analysis for your business, putting you in the driving seat for prime positioning.

Our heads of department are fully qualified and certified experts in their own chosen field. All our staff is 110% committed to go that extra mile in achieving extraordinary results in helping small, medium and large companies grow their business.


Advertising has been the backbone of success for GYB Marketing Inc since its launch in 2010. Every client receives a custom personalized proposal with a specific view to target their market audience. All proposals outline the services GYB Marketing Inc. will provide to their clients to grow their business presence online through the placement of online advertising through the Google AdWords system, Yahoo & Bing PPC and a multitude of online directories and search engines.

All proposals will outline:

The objectives

  • How and what we will implement into your adword campaign
  • How we will monitor and report your campaign
  • Costs involved.

Our work will be presented to the client in the form of a proposal and our high-level plan on how best to proceed.


The objective is to facilitate an AdWords campaign that is scalable and returns a positive ROI for each client.

In order to achieve this objective we will:

  • Create an optimized list of keywords for you to target your advertising with
  • Create AdWords ads
  • Track and measure ads
  • Report on campaign progress
  • Optimize to improve.

Doing this will allow client's smooth entry into the online advertising space and continue its success in advertising the client’s product or service.

Keyword Research

After our audit, we will create a short list of relevant key words that will be further refined until we have keywords that provide the most value and are most relevant for our client’s PPC ad campaign. All our research will be done on the Google Keyword Planner. The list of relevant keyword research will be formatted and saved in Google Sheets and will shared with you for your viewing and approval.

Ad Copy Creation

Based on your keywords and target demographic, we will create search-based advertising to be distributed across the Google network. All ads will be optimized by us to ensure maximum click-through rate and ROI. Display ads will be outsourced to our video production partners for production and implemented by us over Google’s

Display network

Before distribution, all advertising materials will be sent to client for approval.

Campaign Set Up And Management

We set up client campaigns in the Google network through Google AdWords and Google DoubleClick.  We will also synchronize all AdWords data through Google Analytics to ensure accuracy. Our campaign management will ensure that our team are able to create actionable insights to further grow your AdWords campaign and business.

Campaign Reporting

Once data has been collected, we will carefully analyze it to extract insights and report it to client so that decisions can be made.

Our reports will include:

  • Bid management and bid quality
  • Cost per click rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Metrics relevant to your campaign.

These reports will be made available to you in weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. And optimization will be conducted on a monthly basis in order for you to GYB (Grow Your Business) with GYB (Google, Yahoo! & Bing)!.